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When: 19/December/2015

Where: The walk will take place in Mamba ward, Moshi rural - Starting at Kotela Lutheran Parish though Kokirie, Mnyeso, to the entrance of Kilimanjaro forest reserve through Maande, Mboni, Komakundi villages and back to Kotela

Invited participants: This is meant for Companies, NGOs, Expatriates, Business community, Individuals etc who are stakeholders with keen interest and support to water and environmental conservation

Distance & Time: It’s a 5 km walk to be covered in 3-4 hours, starting at 9Am

Target/Aim: To raise Tshs 120 million worthy of materials for community water storage tanks & tree seedlings and event management cost (we do accept cash or material form of support)

Organizer: Moshi Mamba Rotary club in collaboration with Mamba Development Association (MDA)

Guest of Honor: MR ALLAN KIJAZI – Director General - TANAPA

Many greetings from Moshi Mamba Rotary Club,

In response to various findings of environmental impact assessments on Kilimanjaro forest reserve and surrounding communities, I would like to bring it to your attention that our club (Moshi Mamba Rotary Club) whose members are residents of the 9 villages surrounding that forest reserve (actually most villages are located within 0 to 3 km diameter from Kilimanjaro forest reserve) have been greatly affected by an alarming rate of environmental degradation as a result of deforestation due to fast growing population who depend on the forest for animal feeding and firewood as a main source of energy for cooking and other use.

Despite various campaigns to stop deforestation, the habit has continued eliminate most of the native trees that existed in our community and the neighboring forest and as of now most of the wetlands and natural springs which were famous in 1980's have since dwindled in number, some remain simply seasonal instead of previous permanent ones and some have completely dried out.. In addition to this a few existing community water storage tanks have been damaged due to old age and lack of repair but also subjected to significant amount of leakage and therefore causing water scarcity to the local and neighboring communities which naturally were blessed with water in abundance.

With that brief overview, I would like to bring it to your attention that our club is organizing a charity walk on 19th December 2015 with aim of raising funds to conserve the water sources in and around Mount Kilimanjaro forest reserve and strengthening the existing water infrastructures and local water catchment areas/wetlands in the 9 villages of Mamba South and Mamba North wards. This will stand as the first part of our effort to combat the situation, although we are also working on a larger project which will be focused on finding an alternative sources of fuel for cooking and other domestic use including renewable energy (example Solar and Biogas) that will prevent further damage to Mount Kilimanjaro environment and at the same time returning the natural glory to water sources and wetlands in Kilimanjaro forest reserve and surrounding communities. (This will also engage local and international stakeholders including Rotary International.)

During this event, we anticipate to raise Tshs 120 million shillings, which among other things the largest amount of the funds will be dedicated to the purchase about 45,000 tree seedlings to replace our environment with the native and even exotic trees especially those which are scientifically approved for planting in wetlands and water sources for water conservation purpose.

With this note, i would like to ask for your individual/organizational support to participate physically in this walk and or contribute financially towards raising the proposed amount of funds for this project. We are also requesting for your support to circulate this information to other individuals, companies, NGOs, stakeholder, or any potential partners who are pro-water and environmental conservation.

For those interested to participate in this event, you can register your name to the secretary or chairperson of the organizing committee whose names and contacts are listed below.

Mrs Vicky Grace Sariko Dr Lemuel Makando

(Of Sariko-Olasiti Garden, Arusha) (Of St Thomas Hospital, Arusha)

Chair person – Organizing Commetee Secretary –Organizing committee)

Moshi Mamba Rotary Club Moshi Mamba Rotary club

Mob. +255 754 – 425 875 Mob +255 754 – 380 200

Kindly note that your financial contributions can either be made directly to Mrs Sariko by MPESA (0754 – 425 875) or to any of the accounts mentioned below.

Mamba Rotary Club, CRBD Bank – Marangu Branch, Account No: 015 228 272 7000
Moshi Mamba Rotary club, KCB Bank – Arusha Branch, Account No 330 114 6694

We shall have Tshirts and caps for the participants of the walk at a small cost: you can request more information regarding this information by email on mambarotary@gmail.com or by directly contacting the organizing comitee.

I look forward to your support and collaboration with Moshi mamba Rotary club in this noble cause!
Many thanks and Blessings,

Mr Vicky Grace Sariko

Chairperson – Moshi Mamba Charity walk Organizing Committee

Moshi Mamba Rotary club

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