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Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s commercial hub, the city has a population of 4 million people owing to the increasing number of immigrants and the government offices in the city centre. Accordingly, the high population and several business activities in the city cause the transport system to experience occasional hitches.
JovagoTanzania has recognized the variety of local transport ranging from using buses to bajajis and brings you the best means of transport to get around the city.

These are the main mode of public transport in Dar es Salaam and the cheapest in terms of fare cost (it’s only Tsh 400 per route). Daladalas will allow you experience the local life of many Tanzanians within a short period of time as they always crowded with people from different economic positions. It is safe as you will not get into trouble alone but also you need to take caution especially when you have luggages.

These are the private owned businesses, they often offer private services and vary in prices depending on the distance (from Tsh 5000/= for short town trips, but often calculated on the basis of Km and waiting charges), the cost for the taxis is normally high but also negotiable.

These are the most popular transports for the short trips and the best option during the rush hours, bajajis are less expensive compared to taxi (from Tsh 1000/= depends with the distance). If you take a bajaji, make sure you hold your luggage properly so it isn’t stolen but also remember that bajajis are always restricted in town (Posta and Kariakoo).

It is the best option when there is a traffic jam, motorbikes are less expensive compared to bajaji and taxi but make sure you wear motorcycle helmet.

Car hire
This service is based on the agreements with the car owner; you can choose the type of car based on your budget and choice. It is safer but you need to be very careful since it is not your property. Before you choose any means of transport ensure you know the exact route to the destination. People (locals) are nicer in giving instructions when you are lost but you need to do this carefully and cautiously.

Ferry boats
This is the only transport to Kigamboni (across the Indian ocean), it works full time day and night but you need to be on time since the ferry services cater to a lot of people.

There are several key tips you need to keep in mind when about to board a local transport in the major cities of Tanzania. Buses drive fast and offer minimal comfort, you need to travel early in the day and avoid night travels. You can also find your specific taxi or bajaji driver (find someone you trust to help you in negotiations).

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