Sunday, February 7, 2016


Deputy Head of Development Cooperation Swedish Embassy, Lars Johansson.
 Permanent Secretary (PS) in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, Adolf Machemba.
The Swedish Embassy has challenged the government to involve private sector in preparations of development plans to achieve its goal of becoming a middle income country by 2025.

Deputy Head of Development Cooperation, Lars Johansson said yesterday in Dar es Salaam that for Tanzania to attain her targeted economic development she must involve the private sector which contributes about 70 percent of the country’s economic growth.

Johansson made the remarks before presenting certificates of participation and diplomas to 15 Tanzanians after completing a Private Sector Development (PSD) training programme that was introduced early last year.

The training programme, sponsored by the Swedish Government through SIDA, is designed to strengthen public and private sector cooperation in order to facilitate economic development.

The official added that the government alone cannot accelerate economic development by 100 percent without involvement of the private sector.

The sector, he noted, plays an important role in accelerating development, especially in education and health.

Hence the programme aims mainly to bring together public servants and private workers to share experiences and to explore on possible ways of solving development challenges.
The training programme is offered in Tanzania by the Swedish government for one year and it covers areas of economic cooperation, management as well as entrepreneurship.

Permanent Secretary (PS) in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, Adolf Machemba said the programme is crucial for the nation as it also supports cooperation of private and public sectors as stipulated in the Public Private Partnership Act 2010.

“We applaud the Swedish government for the training programme as it paves the way for the government to be able to meet the goal of becoming a middle income country,” the PS noted.

He said that the programme shall help to create more employment opportunities in the private sector and help to reduce youth unemployment.
 Participant of the training programme, sponsored by the Swedish Government through SIDA.

PS Machemba observed that the programme will also empower public servants with capacity to deliver effectively to the people and facilitate accountability and transparency.

The official assured the Swedish government of full support from the Tanzanian government in efforts to enhance cooperation between public and private sectors.

Peter Lanya, Chairman of the programme, said the training has provided the ground for the private sector to be part of the policy making process.

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