The Government of Japan has been extending support to local communities in various sectors including health, education and water supply under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGHSP) scheme since 1991.

On 10th September 2016, a handing-over Ceremony for Sakura Girls’ Secondary School was held in Bangata village, Arusha District, Arusha Region. The Government of Japan, in response to the request by a local NGO “Hope for a Better Future Initiative in Tanzania”, extended a grant aid of US$570,701 for construction of classrooms, dormitory, dining hall, and rehabilitation of staff house and administration block in the Japanese Fiscal Year 2014, then for construction of fences around whole school area in 2015 under GGHSP scheme.
 The school was opened in January 2016 and operates with the close collaboration of Sakura Vision Tanzania and Group Kilimanjaro, Inc. The ultimate goal of their activities is to overcome gender inequality by emphasizing science, mathematics and all-around education. It is expected that the Sakura Girls’ Secondary School will be a model school for producing women leaders in Tanzania.
The Ceremony was attended by:

* H.E. Masaharu Yoshida - Ambassador of Japan to Tanzania

*Hon. Mr. Gibson Meiseyeki - Member of Parliament for Arumeru West

* Dr. Batilda Burian - Former Ambassador of Tanzania to Japan

* Dr. Wilson Charles - District Executive Director in Arusha District Council

* Ms. Sophia Msoffe - District Secondary Education Officer in Arusha District Council

* Prof. Sumiko Iwao - Board Chairperson of a NGO “Group Kilimanjaro Inc.”
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