Airtel Tanzania PLC has embarked on a strategic efficiency enhancement exercise aimed at making the company more flexible and agile and to innovate and respond better to the market demands. “This exercise, which shall be completed soon aims to improve organizational efficiency and flexibility by delayering and simplifying the operational structure and thereby enhancing empowerment to its employees. This exercise will help Airtel Tanzania to be closer to customers, ensure quicker responses to the customer’s needs, thus, enhancing Airtel Tanzania’ position in the market place”. Said Colaso in a statement issued by Company

The Managing Director for Airtel Tanzania PLC Mr. Sunil Colaso also said, “The exercise will result in some of the current positions in the current structure becoming redundant. As a responsible corporate, the company shall take all necessary steps to support the impacted employees financially as prescribed by the prevailing laws in Tanzania, while helping them find new opportunities. Amongst several other benefits, Airtel Tanzania has engaged a reputed organization to impart skills/ training to the impacted employees, in the endeavor that this will help open up fresh opportunities for such employees. The Company shall bear the full cost of providing this support to the concerned employees”.

Airtel remains committed to the Tanzanian market. The company has made significant investments in the market to drive innovation, network quality and customer service, and will continue to do so. Through its Corporate Social Responsibility programs, Airtel has supported various secondary schools across Tanzania, touching 58,000 students in over 1,300 schools. Insisted Colaso.
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