On Saturday 11th August 2018, 34 lucky Uber riders in Dar es Salaam got to cruise and party with Uber’s Brand Ambassador in Tanzania Idris Sultan. The riders enjoyed a VIP party experience on the UberBOAT cruise, also present on the ride was Tanzania’s famous comedian and presenter Jaymondy. 

UberBOAT on a cruise across a beach in Dar es Salaam
Presenter and comedian Jamondy with Uber riders enjoying the cruise during the UberBOAT party 
Comedian and Uber Brand Ambassador Idris Sultan on the UberBOAT 
From Left to Right: Monica Mziray Uber Marketing Executive - Tanzania, Idris Sultan Uber Brand Ambassador, Elizabeth Njeri Uber’s Marketing Manager - East Africa and Davis Evans Uber Greenlight Operations Manager - Tanzania on the UberBOAT cruise party. 
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